People Outside Your Political Party Are Not Your Enemies

Karen Barnhardt
4 min readOct 19, 2019


Within this vast and diverse nation, we can control our destiny. Our personal destiny and the destiny of our nation.

The Founders bestowed upon us such great gifts.

Our Constitution and the right of every citizen to vote are precious, and yet too often we take them for granted.

The Founders of this nation expected us to educate ourselves. They expected us to work together to preserve the freedoms they entrusted to us.

They didn’t intend for us to vote only to benefit the members of our own party or faction. They trusted us to vote for policies that would enable the entire country to remain free and thrive.

George Washington, in his farewell address, warned of the dangers of factions. He felt that political parties would lead the American people to fall into despotism. This journey to tyranny would begin with one faction seeking revenge on its opposing political party. Then, “gradually incline the minds of men to seek security… in the absolute power of an individual.”

Our first president’s warning is becoming a reality today.

Americans Place Their Trust in the Wrong People

Americans ignore the truth of what is happening in front of them. Instead, they look to Washington, media pundits, the rich, famous, and wealthy for truth.

We don’t attempt to be well informed. If any information doesn’t agree with our preconceived notions, it’s fake news.

We’re lazy and sliding down a dangerous slope that may lead us to a “Dear Leader” mentality. Thinking that one charismatic leader can cure our ills. Believing everything he or she says.

The American Voter is in Charge

We Americans have forgotten this nation belongs to us. Elected officials in Washington work for us.

Politicians will often say anything that will help them get elected. They often mislead or massage the truth to continue to hold onto their political office.

Media pundits want viewers and ratings, and they want to keep their jobs.

We cannot look to them for the absolute truth!

The top 1% in the nation with all their wealth, don’t have a clue how most Americans live. Yet believe they have our best interests at heart. On occasion, they do, but too often, they want to keep their vast wealth and power and increase it.

They don’t know us out here in the heartland, and if we must hurt so that they can add to their riches and influence, then so be it.

Be a Responsible Voter

Our security lies not in one individual with absolute power. Instead, it lies with a citizenry that makes voting decisions based on truth.

Part of being a responsible citizen is doing our research. Fact-checking everything the pundits and politicians tell us.

We also must be mature enough to know that compromise is not a bad word.

Needs vary across this nation, and what is an excellent policy for one area may not be the best or another.

With compromise, we may not get everything we want. Yet in the long run, we’ll know we’re working toward a secure future for all Americans.

Our responsibilities as citizens are not to our political party. But to ourselves, our fellow citizens, and our children and grandchildren.

We must make informed, truth-based decisions that benefit every American.

We must search for the truth again.

The truth may not lie in the words of political pundits and elected officials. Nor in the words of those who may be attempting to increase their already abundant power and wealth.

I urge all Americans to back away from their computers, televisions, and phones. Get out and talk to real people. Sample the views of people who vote for a different political party.

There’s a strong possibility you may find you have much in common with each other. Sure you may differ on policy. But you’ll find these people are not out to tear down the very foundations of the American way of life.

They aren’t your enemy.

The fact they’re not a part of your political party doesn’t make them evil.

These folks are your fellow citizens. They want to preserve this nation. Their hope is to leave a better country for their kids and grandkids. Isn’t that what you want too? You may disagree over how to achieve this but that’s okay.

This nation is a precious thing, and we must live in truth and unite if we are to keep it.



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