At Any Moment You Can Close Your Eyes and Find Calm During Chaotic Times

Karen Barnhardt
2 min readApr 18, 2020


Find ease in the magic nature provides.

Are you feeling a bit stressed in these chaotic times?

Then, take a trip with me.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine a door. Now, open the door.

Clean, fresh air caresses your face as the door opens. The gentle light reveals the beauty beyond.

You see a forest. Green and lush.

The day is sunny, and yet there is such coolness under the thick canopy of leaves.

The loamy earth is scented, vibrant, and dark. It contains life.

You see a stream. It’s fresh; clear water is tumbling over boulders.

Masses of ferns cover the floor of the forest. Moss covers the rocks in plush carpets.

The green is interrupted now and then by orange Turks Cap Lilies, white Mountain Laurel, red Bee Balm, and tiny, sweet Bluets.

There is life here — a silky, languid welcoming kind of life.

It is calm and so serene. You feel free and yet so connected to the earth.

It soothes you and invigorates you. It seems to refresh your very soul.

You need refreshment now more than ever. So many things around you are changing.

Yet one thing is constant. Our earth: nature. It’s always here to calm you,

Close your eyes and take a trip in your mind if you are a city dweller.

Feel every movement of the breeze and let it soothe you.

Sit in your green paradise, whether real or imagined, and meditate, pray and nourish your soul.

These times also call for practicing a bit of gratitude. Concentrate on your blessings.

Ponder the ways that you can be a blessing to others.

Take some time to revel in the beauty of our lush, green earth. Refresh yourself and encourage others to do the same.

The times require it.

Now, open the door.



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